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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement


The mission of the Carthage Technical Center Practical Nursing Program is to provide a quality nursing education that will empower students to become competent nurses who are able to successfully meet and exceed the expectations and challenges of the practical nursing profession.




The CTC Practical Nursing Program embraces the philosophy of the Carthage R-9 School District and is committed to providing high quality career and technical education.

We believe that nursing is both a science and an art. The understanding that man is a multidimensional being with physical, psychosocial and emotional needs demands that health care professionals be trained in the importance of meeting the needs of the individual from more than one perspective. This requires that curriculum and preparation for the field of nursing be deliberate, focused and comprehensive in its framework utilizing a systematic approach to addressing patient needs. Our curriculum is based on the physical and behavioral sciences, the humanities and the nursing process. It is constructed with the intent to develop healthcare professionals who are competent and effective critical thinkers, of strong moral character who are empathetic to the individual and committed to responding to the varied needs of the patient.

Practical nursing programs have a responsibility to provide students with excellent nursing educators who will assist the student learner to strive for excellence in his/her academic and clinical achievements while fostering an understanding of the ethical responsibility to sincerely care for the individual, which is so inherent to the nursing profession. Our faculty is committed to mentoring students throughout this educational experience in order to assist them in realizing their potential, thereby enabling them to accomplishing their personal and professional goals. We believe that these goals are met through a strong partnership between the student, faculty and community partners who demonstrate a commitment to the success and development of healthcare professionals.

Upon graduation the professional practical nurse will have the knowledge and skills to function as a contributing member of the health care team under the direction of a licensed registered nurse based on the standards of practice outlined in the Nurse Practice Act.