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Articulated Credit

Local colleges recognize the value of vocational education.  Students completing Carthage Technical Center training programs may receive college credit in the technical area at select institutions.  The awarding of credit varies by program area and is based on the student's successful completion of competencies.

  1. College credit is awarded at Crowder College (Neosho, MO) in the following areas: Auto Mechanics, Business, Welding, Drafting, Electronics, Carpentry and Machine Tool. 
  2. Students must maintain a B average in technical programs and keep 95% attendance.   These credit hours are awarded at no charge to students who attend Crowder College for one successful semester.
  3. Missouri Southern State College  (Joplin, MO) will grant college credit (at no cost to students) for those meeting specific criteria.
  4. Ozark Technical Community College will issue college credit to students at no charge.
  5. Northeast Oklahoma A & M (Miami, OK) also articulates college credit.
  6. Credits for Agriculture courses are also available from select colleges.