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Cost of Attendance

ESTIMATED Cost of Attendance


The Office of Financial Aid establishes standard student budgets each year as a basis for awarding financial aid funds.  These budgets reflect estimated costs incurred during the course of the program.  Direct expenses include Tuition/Fees.  Indirect expenses include Fees Paid Outside of CTC, Room/Board, Transportation, and Personal Expenses.  Indirect expenses vary by student.


Practical Nursing 2016 - 2017 Cost of Attendance


Fees Paid 

Outside of CTC

Room/Board Transportation



DEPENDENT $13,539 $804 $5,666 $1,889 $2,938 $24,836
INDEPENDENT $13,539 $804 $8,460 $2,820 $4,387 $30,010


Tuition/Fees:  direct costs to be paid to CTC for the Program.

Fees Paid Outside of CTC:  Fees paid to provider for requirements such as immunizations.

Room/Board, Transportation, Personal Expenses:  Estimates of living expenses incurred during the course of the Program.


* Room/ Board, Transportation, and Personal Expenses are based on The College Board Annual Report Living Expense Budget 2016-2017.