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Director - Gregg Wolf 

Assistant Director - Holley Goodnight 

Adult Education & Literacy Director - Mary Bader

Adult Coordinator - Samantha Esposito

Counselor - Lee Ann Fent

Financial Aid/Reporting Officer - Kelly Wilson

Career Placement Coordinator - Rhonda Derryberry

Bartlett, Susan (Business)

Brust, Cynthia (North Custodian)

Campbell, Chad (Drafting)

Cayton, Mary (PN Coordinator)

Cloud, Chris (Agriculture)

Conner, Lindsey (AEL Instructor)

Dahlman, Doug (South Custodian)

Duff, Brandon (Agriculture)

Frazier, Lora (Health Science)

Higgins, Shannon (Fire Science)

Hill, Jason (Criminal Justice)

Hodson, Kristi (FACS)

Horton, Jamie (PLTW)

Howard, Tom (Agriculture)

Hubler, Audrey (PN Instructor)

Huston, Jennifer (PN Instructor)

Jones, Chad (PLTW Instructor)

Jones, Mary (AEL Instructor)

Jones, Sonora (FACS)

Kennedy, Paul (Computer Networking)

Kreutzer, Gail (Admin. Assistant)

Marrs, Jeff (Machining Technology)

Mauss, Justin (Agriculture)

Nixon, Wayne (North Custodian)

Patrick, Caleb (Carpentry)

Patrick, Jared (Business)

Prado, Salvador (AEL Instructor)

Riley, Amie (Health Science)

Schaffer, Bonnie (AEL Instructor)

Spencer, Sadie (Multi-Media)

Sponaugle, Mark (VRE)

Stark, Stacey (Health Science)

Stephens, Debbie (Business)

Teegarden, Lorie (Admin. Assistant)

Tiller, Gage (Business)

Wilkerson, Chris (Bio-med)

Wood, Patricia (College and Career Case Manager-AEL)