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Types of Financial Aid


  1. FEDERAL PELL GRANT: Awarded by the US Department of Education based on exceptional need, awarded to undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and who have not earned a Bachelor’s degree. Pell grant eligibility is limited the equivalent of 12 quarters.
  2. DIRECT STUENT LOAN PROGRAM: A federal program through which loans are made available to students and parents to provide access to post-secondary education.
  3. MISSOURI PROFESSIONAL & PRACTICAL NURSING STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM: A $2500 forgivable loan if student works in a shortage area for one year or work in any Missouri Hospital, public or nonprofit health facility. Applicants must be a Missouri resident. Deadlines for submitting an application is June 30. For questions contact L. Gail Ponder at or toll-free at 800-891-7415 or visit their website at Obtain apps at: Find a shortage area at:
  4. WORKFORCE INNOVATION AND OPPORTUNITY ACT (WIOA): economically disadvantaged, dislocated worker, unemployed, or underemployed persons may qualify fo this program. For more information, individuals should contact your nearest Missouri Job Center: 417-629-3000 in Joplin. 
  5. VETERANS BENEFITS: Veterans and veterans’ dependents may receive VA financial assistance while completing an eligible program of study at Carthage Technical Center.
  6. VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION: Individuals with disabilities that constitute a disability to employment may qualify for benefits such as tuition and fees, transportation and room and board if they qualify and meet the necessary financial guidelines. Individuals should contact the Joplin Job Center, 730 S Wall Ave, Joplin, MO 64801 or call 417-629-3000.
  7. DISPLACE HOMEMAKER AWARD: Applications will be made available to applicants once accepted.  
  8. A+ SCHOLARSHIP: tuition reimbursement for students graduating from an A+ school and fulfilling all the requirements.
  9. AMERICAN OPPORTUNITY TAX CREDIT: Federal tax relief programs to help pay for education. Federal tax forms will contain explanations and instructions for claiming these tax benefits. Info at: